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Stuffed Llamas and Plush Llamas

A stuffed animal farm just isn't complete until it has stuffed llamas and plush llamas. These quirky llama stuffed animals are as unique and fun as real llamas. We even have a plush alpaca stage puppet to help complete our stuffed animal farm. Read more.
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Llama Stuffed Animals at Stuffed Safari

With many colors and sizes of stuffed llamas, from the Large Lifelike Plush Llama by SOS to Lena the Plush Mini Llama by Douglas, our selection of llama stuffed animals will satisfy even the most particular llama llover. We understand that stuffed llamas are serious business, actually, no we don't! Stuffed llamas aren't serious business at all. These are fun and cuddly plush llamas we're talking about. Your llama stuffed animal will help you put the serious stuff on the back burner and bring the truly important things like playing and smiling to the forefront. There's plenty of time for being serious but not on a llama stuffed animal's watch. So have some fun looking through our stuffed llamas and plush llamas and rest assured that these stuffed animals are ready to let the good times roll! Shop.