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Stuffed Lions and Plush Lions

We're not lying when we say that we take great pride in offering lots of stuffed lions and plush lions! We have all kinds of fantastic lion stuffed animals roaming the wilds of Stuffed Safari. Stuffed lions, lionesses, and lion cubs in many sizes can be found on the following pages. Being the king of the beasts is a responsibility that our stuffed lions take seriously. These stuffed animals proudly represent the animal kingdom by being super cute, extra cuddly, and extremely ferocious. Wait. Scratch that. Our plush lions aren't ferocious! Ferociously friendly maybe. You'll find a fast friend when you pick one of our lion stuffed animals for your pride. From realistic stuffed lions to little pink plush lions and all lions in between, we have a stuffed lion for everyone. Grab your binoculars and hop in the jeep because it's time for a stuffed lion safari. Keep your eyes peeled for the perfect plush lion and, just to be on the safe side, please take all of that raw meat out of your pockets before we get started. Our lion stuffed animals might be friendly but we can all agree that raw meat is simply irresistible!
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