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The Heirloom House, Toys - Retail, Springfield, IL
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AR-02430   Willow the Wuff and Friends Plush Poodle by Aurora
DG-4538   Willy the Wolf Stuffed Animal by Douglas
AR-30503   Wily the Plush Wolf by Aurora
DG-4543   Windy the Stuffed Brown and White Horse Foal by Douglas
GU-4040192   Winger the Monsteroos Blue Monster Stuffed Animal by Gund
AR-16308   Winks the Taddle Toes Owl Stuffed Animal by Aurora
GU-058925   Winky the Key Wind Musical Plush Lamb by Gund
GU-058926   Winky the Little Plush Lamb Rattle by Gund
GU-058131   Winky the Pink Lamb Baby Rattle by Baby Gund
GU-320180   Winky the Plush Blue Lamb Rattle by Gund
GU-058928   Winky the Plush Lamb Huggybuddy Baby Blanket by Gund
GU-4034141   Winky the Plush Lamb Huggybuddy Baby Blanket with Blue Bow by Gund
GU-4034130   Winky the Plush Lamb Huggybuddy Baby Blanket with Pink Bow by Gund
GU-4043886   Winky the Plush White Lamb Baby Blanket Comfy Cozy by Gund
GU-319717   Winky the Plush White Lamb Musical Crib Hanger by Gund
GU-058133   Winky the White Lamb Baby Rattle by Baby Gund
DG-2031   Winston the Plush Dalmatian Puppy by Douglas
DG-3841   Wizard the Little Plush Snowy Owl by Douglas
AR-16410   Wobbly Bobblees Black Bear Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-16415   Wobbly Bobblees Brown Owl Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-16401   Wobbly Bobblees Brown Puppy Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-16400   Wobbly Bobblees Corgi Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-16405   Wobbly Bobblees Cow Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-16395   Wobbly Bobblees Elephant Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-16413   Wobbly Bobblees Emperor Penguin Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-16412   Wobbly Bobblees Fox Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-16394   Wobbly Bobblees Giraffe Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-16414   Wobbly Bobblees Hippopotamus Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-16406   Wobbly Bobblees Husky Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-16398   Wobbly Bobblees Lion Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-16396   Wobbly Bobblees Monkey Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-16403   Wobbly Bobblees Orange Cat Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-16404   Wobbly Bobblees Pig Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-16402   Wobbly Bobblees Pug Puppy Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-16411   Wobbly Bobblees Raccoon Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-16399   Wobbly Bobblees Schnauzer Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-16409   Wobbly Bobblees Tan Horse Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-16397   Wobbly Bobblees White Tiger Stuffed Animal by Aurora
WR-89673   Wolf Plush Animal Hat By Wild Republic
AR-06812   Wolfgang the Plush Wolf Stage Puppet By Aurora
DG-2037   Wolfgang the Stuffed German Shorthaired Pointer by Douglas
AR-31172   Woolsey the Stuffed Wolf by Aurora
AR-02426   Wuff the Wuff and Friends Plush Sheepdog by Aurora
AR-29056   Wuskee the YooHoo and Friends Plush Husky Clip-On by Aurora
AR-03080   Xie-Xie the Jumbo Stuffed Panda Super Flopsie by Aurora
BB-1584   Yellow Teddy Bear 6 Inch Rainbow Bear by First and Main
DG-1897   Yettie the Stuffed Yorkie by Douglas
DG-1540   Yogi the Little Plush White Pig with Brown Spots by Douglas
DG-4087   Yonkers the Little Plush Yorkshire Terrier by Douglas
AR-29037   YooHoo and Friends Baldee the Stuffed Bald Eagle by Aurora
AR-29032   YooHoo and Friends Charlee the Stuffed Caterpillar by Aurora
AR-29038   YooHoo and Friends Chatee the Stuffed Otter by Aurora
AR-29088   YooHoo and Friends Clownee the Stuffed Clownfish by Aurora
AR-10768   YooHoo And Friends Doc the Stuffed Bearded Monkey by Aurora
AR-29085   YooHoo and Friends Dolphee the Stuffed Purple Dolphin by Aurora
AR-29083   YooHoo and Friends Foxee the Stuffed Pink Fox by Aurora
AR-29066   YooHoo and Friends Fuchsia the Stuffed Pink Pegasus by Aurora
AR-09843   YooHoo and Friends Fuzee the Stuffed Baby Penguin by Aurora
AR-29084   YooHoo and Friends Hammee the Stuffed Pink Hammerhead Shark by Aurora
AR-29103   YooHoo and Friends Jinxee the Stuffed Pink Tiger by Aurora
AR-29104   YooHoo and Friends Jinxee the Stuffed Purple Tiger by Aurora
AR-29010   YooHoo and Friends Jinxee the Stuffed Tiger by Aurora
AR-29028   YooHoo and Friends Jumpee the Stuffed Frog by Aurora
AR-29039   YooHoo and Friends Kolee the Stuffed Koala by Aurora
AR-29008   YooHoo and Friends Kookee the Stuffed Penguin by Aurora
AR-29099   YooHoo and Friends Kookee the Stuffed Pink Penguin by Aurora
AR-29100   YooHoo and Friends Kookee the Stuffed Purple Penguin by Aurora
AR-29005   YooHoo and Friends Lemmee the Stuffed Lemur by Aurora
AR-29067   YooHoo and Friends Lilac the Stuffed Purple Pegasus by Aurora
AR-29106   YooHoo and Friends Loonee the Stuffed Pink Owl by Aurora
AR-29105   YooHoo and Friends Loonee the Stuffed Purple Owl by Aurora
AR-29031   YooHoo and Friends Luckee the Stuffed Ladybug by Aurora
AR-29086   YooHoo and Friends Macaronee the Stuffed Rockhopper Penguin by Aurora
AR-10764   YooHoo And Friends Marias the Stuffed Purple Raccoon by Aurora
AR-10766   YooHoo And Friends Muhon the Stuffed White Tiger by Aurora
AR-29080   YooHoo and Friends Naree the Stuffed Narwhal by Aurora
AR-29079   YooHoo and Friends Olee the Stuffed Pink Octopus by Aurora
AR-29078   YooHoo and Friends Olee the Stuffed Purple Octopus by Aurora
AR-29040   YooHoo and Friends Pidwee the Stuffed Snowy Owl by Aurora
AR-29081   YooHoo and Friends Pinkee the Stuffed Flamingo by Aurora
AR-30664   YooHoo And Friends Plush Penguin By Aurora
AR-29024   YooHoo and Friends Rexee the Stuffed T-Rex by Aurora
AR-10763   YooHoo And Friends Rikki the Stuffed Mongoose by Aurora
AR-29004   YooHoo and Friends Ring Ring the Stuffed Panda by Aurora
AR-30624   YooHoo and Friends Roodee the Stuffed Capuchin by Aurora
AR-10765   YooHoo And Friends Rosette the Stuffed Pink Leopard by Aurora
AR-29015   YooHoo and Friends Shelbee the Stuffed Pink Turtle by Aurora
AR-29014   YooHoo and Friends Shelbee the Stuffed Turtle by Aurora
AR-29013   YooHoo and Friends Shimeree the Stuffed Pink Otter by Aurora
AR-29068   YooHoo and Friends Sky the Stuffed Unicorn by Aurora
AR-29007   YooHoo and Friends Smilee the Stuffed Alligator by Aurora
AR-29022   YooHoo and Friends Speedee the Stuffed Sloth by Aurora
AR-29034   YooHoo and Friends Spidee the Stuffed Spider by Aurora
AR-29090   YooHoo and Friends Spotee the Stuffed Cheetah by Aurora
AR-29027   YooHoo and Friends Springee the Stuffed Pink Frog by Aurora
AR-29089   YooHoo and Friends Staree the Stuffed Starfish by Aurora
AR-29025   YooHoo and Friends Stegee the Stuffed Stegosaurus by Aurora
AR-29108   YooHoo and Friends Stripee the Stuffed Blue Zebra by Aurora
AR-29107   YooHoo and Friends Stripee the Stuffed Pink Zebra by Aurora
AR-29011   YooHoo and Friends Stripee the Stuffed Zebra by Aurora
AR-30628   YooHoo And Friends Sunny the Plush Golden Lion Tamarin by Aurora
AR-29087   YooHoo and Friends Swimee the Stuffed Pink Seahorse by Aurora
AR-29006   YooHoo and Friends Tinee the Stuffed Elephant by Aurora
AR-29009   YooHoo and Friends Topsee the Stuffed Giraffe by Aurora
AR-29101   YooHoo and Friends Topsee the Stuffed Pink Giraffe by Aurora
AR-29102   YooHoo and Friends Topsee the Stuffed Purple Giraffe by Aurora
AR-29033   YooHoo and Friends Twirlee the Stuffed Snail by Aurora
AR-09844   YooHoo and Friends Twitchee the Stuffed Mouse by Aurora
AR-29091   YooHoo and Friends Wartee the Stuffed Warthog by Aurora
AR-29030   YooHoo and Friends Wispee the Stuffed Butterfly by Aurora
AR-29082   YooHoo and Friends Woodee the Stuffed Woodpecker by Aurora
AR-29021   YooHoo and Friends Woolee the Stuffed Mammoth by Aurora
AR-09747   YooHoo and Friends Wuskee the Stuffed Husky by Aurora
AR-31412   Yorky the Stuffed Yorkshire Terrier Flopsie by Aurora
GU-4043808   You Are Loved Teddy Bear with Embroidered Purple Shirt by Gund
AR-31609   Yukon the Jumbo Stuffed Husky Super Flopsie by Aurora
AR-09804   Yulli the Yeti Stuffed Animal by Aurora
DG-1728   Zach the Standing Stuffed Yellow Lab by Douglas
DG-3996c   Zach the Stuffed Yellow Lab with Winter Scarf by Douglas
GU-4044071   Zag the Zebra Striped Teddy Bear by Gund
AR-31289   Zany The Stuffed Zebra Plush Animal Mini Flopsie By Aurora
DG-1576   Zeb the Little Plush Longhorn by Douglas
FK-2565   Zebra Stage Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets
DG-2106   Zebra Striped Pet Purse with Stuffed Westie by Douglas
AR-06284   Zenith the Stuffed Giraffe by Aurora
AR-31459   Zest The Stuffed Zebra By Aurora
FA-A39405   Zeus the Big Eyes Zebra Stuffed Animal by Fiesta
FA-A35278   Ziggy the Plush Zebra Lil' Buddies by Fiesta
DG-1866   Zipper the Plush Gray Tabby Cat by Douglas
BB-2733   Zippy the Baby Safe Plush Blue Zebra by First and Main
BB-2723   Zippy the Baby Safe Plush Pink Zebra by First and Main
DG-1715   Zippy the Standing Stuffed Border Collie by Douglas
DG-341   Zoe the Big Bay Horse Stuffed Animal by Douglas
DG-4281   Zoie the Stuffed Zebra in a Tutu by Douglas
GU-4046293   Zola the Fuzzy Striped Zebra Stuffed Animal by Gund
GU-4046319   Zora the Zebra Stuffed Animal with Pink Mane by Gund
BB-6073   Zuri the Sparkly Pink Stuffed Zebra Gal Pal by First and Main

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