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The Heirloom House, Toys - Retail, Springfield, IL
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AR-21250   Tee the Dreamy Eyes T-Rex Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-21272   Teensy the Dreamy Eyes Yorkie Stuffed Animal by Aurora
FA-A39283   Tegg the Big Eyes Tiger Stuffed Animal by Fiesta
GU-4040373   Teller the Stripes and Dots Baby Safe Plush Turtle by Gund
DG-1275.1   Tender Teddy the Beige Plush Teddy Bear by Douglas
DG-1275.2   Tender Teddy the Gold Plush Teddy Bear by Douglas
BB-2615   Tender Teddykins the Baby Safe Blue Teddy Bear by First and Main
BB-2515   Tender Teddykins the Baby Safe Pink Teddy Bear by First and Main
BB-1515   Tender the Blue Teddy Bear with Patchwork Heart by First and Main
BB-1615   Tender the Brown Teddy Bear with Patchwork Heart by First and Main
BB-1315   Tender the Purple Teddy Bear with Patchwork Heart by First and Main
BB-1415   Tender the Red Teddy Bear with Patchwork Heart by First and Main
BB-1815   Tender the White Teddy Bear with Patchwork Heart by First and Main
AR-16736   Terry the Beanstalk Bunch Stuffed Tiger by Aurora
AR-32178   Terry the Goofy Eyed Turtle Puppet by Aurora
DG-4100   Tex the Little Plush Armadillo by Douglas
BB-5274   Thad Polz the Plush Green Frog by First and Main
DG-4011   Thatcher the Little Plush Golden Retriever by Douglas
BB-1524   Thumples the Comical Black Teddy Bear by First and Main
DG-1907   Tick Tock the 12 Inch Stuffed Springer Spaniel Puppy by Douglas
FA-A32802   Tie Dye Snake Stuffed Animal by Fiesta
FA-A29239   Tie Dye Teddy Bear by Fiesta
DG-1865   Tiffy the Plush Orange Tabby Cat by Douglas
GU-4040178   Tigrillo the Lifelike Tiger Cat Stuffed Animal by Gund
DG-1567   Tillie the Little Plush Sea Turtle by Douglas
DG-4086   Tilly the Chipmunk Stuffed Animal by Douglas
WR-13131   Timber Rattlesnake Stuffed Animal by Wild Republic
AR-02346   Timmer the Plush Turtle Full Body Puppet By Aurora
FA-A35407   Timmy the Plush Turtle Lil' Buddies by Fiesta
FA-A35346   Tina the Plush Tiger Lil' Buddies by Fiesta
AR-29059   Tinee the YooHoo and Friends Plush Elephant Clip-On by Aurora
GU-4048273   Tinkie the Stuffed Shih Tzu Teacup Puppy by Gund
GU-001872   Tinkle, Crinkle, Rattle, & Squeak Caterpillar Baby Toy by Gund
AR-02429   Tippsy the 10 Inch Wuff and Friends Plush Lhasa Apso by Aurora
DG-647   Tippy Toe the Stuffed Mouse in a Tutu by Douglas
DG-3806   Titus the Tiger Shark Stuffed Animal by Douglas
AR-02433   Toby the 10 Inch Wuff and Friends Plush Scottie by Aurora
AR-20799   Toesie the Taddle Toes Pink Baby Safe Plush Elephant by Aurora
AR-31477   Tola The Stuffed 12 Inch Plush Laying Paint Horse By Aurora
AR-31465   Tony the Stuffed Tiger by Aurora
GU-4040131   Toothpick the Skinny Tan Teddy Bear by Gund
DG-728   Topaz the Plush Dragon by Douglas
AR-29062   Topsee the YooHoo and Friends Plush Giraffe Clip-On by Aurora
AR-29063   Topsee the YooHoo and Friends Plush Pink Giraffe Clip-On by Aurora
AR-31292   Toro Oro The Stuffed Red Bull by Aurora
DG-275   Toti the Sea Turtle Stuffed Animal by Douglas
AR-31408   Toto the Plush Cairn Terrier by Aurora
AR-16330   Toughie the Taddle Toes Stuffed Triceratops by Aurora
DG-2025   Trevor the Plush Bernese Mountain Dog by Douglas
AR-21251   Trey the Dreamy Eyes Triceratops Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-21077   Tricks The Turtle Dreamy Eyes Stuffed Animal By Aurora
AR-16328   Trickster the Taddle Toes Stuffed Fox by Aurora
GU-319602   Tristen the Green Corduroy T-Rex Stuffed Animal by Gund
DG-4069   Trixter the Little Plush Coyote with Bandana by Douglas
AR-16319   Trooper the Taddle Toes Tiger Stuffed Animal by Aurora
AR-16311   Trots the Taddle Toes Horse Stuffed Animal by Aurora
BB-1617   Truly Tender the Teddy Bear with Patchwork Heart by First and Main
GU-4048279   Tubbs the Plump Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal by Gund
GU-320184   Tucker the Plush Giraffe Huggybuddy Baby Blanket by Gund
GU-4048689   Tucker the Pug Stuffed Animal by Gund
DG-1729   Tucker the Standing Stuffed Chocolate Lab by Douglas
BB-1735   Tucker the White Stuffed Teddy Bear by First and Main
DG-4507   Tug the 14 Inch Plush Black Cat by Douglas
DG-3712   Tumbleweed the Plush Bull by Douglas
DG-1818   Tundra the Woolly Mammoth Stuffed Animal by Douglas
WA-CCR-1760TK   Turkey Stuffed Animal Conservation Critter by Wildlife Artists
FK-2732   Turtle Finger Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets
AR-32049   Tusk the Plush Elephant Stage Puppet by Aurora
BB-2024   Twilight the Musical Blue Teddy Bear by First and Main
WR-13130   Twin-spotted Rattlesnake Stuffed Animal by Wild Republic
DG-273   Twinkle the Plush Harp Seal Pup by Douglas
BB-2014   Twinkles the Musical Pink Teddy Bear by First and Main
DG-623   Twirly the Puffy Plush Gray Mouse by Douglas
DG-1836   Tyson the Plush Timber Wolf by Douglas
DG-1884   Ulysses the Standing Stuffed Moose by Douglas
AR-30343   Venus the Stuffed Unicorn by Aurora
AR-16636   Vienna the Stuffed Dachshund Dog by Aurora
DG-261   Waddles the Stuffed Emperor Penguin by Douglas
GU-4040407   Waggie the Baby Safe Plush Blue Dog by Gund
GU-4040391   Waggie the Baby Safe Plush Pink Dog by Gund
DG-1980   Walnut the Stuffed Chestnut Horse by Douglas
DG-4048   Warrior the Plush Appaloosa Horse by Douglas
DG-3725   Wave Rider the Plush Humpback Whale by Douglas
DG-4080   Wavey the Stuffed Spotted Eagle Ray by Douglas
FA-A39290   Wego the Big Eyes White Tiger Stuffed Animal by Fiesta
GU-4029021   Welcome Little One Teddy Bear in Blue Onesie by Gund
GU-4029020   Welcome Little One Teddy Bear in Pink Onesie by Gund
FA-A35247   Wendy the Plush Wolf Lil' Buddies by Fiesta
DG-2074   Western Pet Purse with Stuffed Black and White Horse by Douglas
FA-A35360   Whinnie the Plush White Tiger Lil' Buddies by Fiesta
DG-1997   Whispy the Plush Sheltie Puppy by Douglas
DG-1928   White Chocolate the 12 Inch Stuffed Cocker Spaniel Puppy by Douglas
WR-14954   White Stuffed Pony Sweet and Sassy Plush Animal by Wild Republic
GU-4034646   White Teddy Bear with Handkerchief by Gund
GU-4040187   White Teddy Bear with White Cross by Gund
DG-4061   Whitey the Little Plush Polar Bear by Douglas
WR-13710   Wildberry the Lil Sweet and Sassy Plush Purple Puppy by Wild Republic
DG-2063   Willard the Plush English Sheepdog Puppy by Douglas
AR-02427   Willi the 10 Inch Wuff and Friends Plush Schnauzer by Aurora
GU-4046287   William the Koala Stuffed Animal by Gund
AR-31497   Willis the Stuffed Bulldog Flopsie Plush Dog by Aurora
AR-02430   Willow the 10 Inch Wuff and Friends Plush Poodle by Aurora
DG-4538   Willy the Wolf Stuffed Animal by Douglas
AR-30503   Wily the Plush Wolf by Aurora
DG-4543   Windy the Stuffed Brown and White Horse Foal by Douglas
GU-4040192   Winger the Monsteroos Blue Monster Stuffed Animal by Gund
AR-16308   Winks the Taddle Toes Owl Stuffed Animal by Aurora
GU-058925   Winky the Key Wind Musical Plush Lamb by Gund
GU-058926   Winky the Little Plush Lamb Rattle by Gund
GU-058131   Winky the Pink Lamb Baby Rattle by Baby Gund
GU-320180   Winky the Plush Blue Lamb Rattle by Gund
GU-058928   Winky the Plush Lamb Huggybuddy Baby Blanket by Gund
GU-4034141   Winky the Plush Lamb Huggybuddy Baby Blanket with Blue Bow by Gund
GU-4034130   Winky the Plush Lamb Huggybuddy Baby Blanket with Pink Bow by Gund
GU-4043886   Winky the Plush White Lamb Baby Blanket Comfy Cozy by Gund
GU-319717   Winky the Plush White Lamb Musical Crib Hanger by Gund
GU-058133   Winky the White Lamb Baby Rattle by Baby Gund
DG-2031   Winston the Plush Dalmatian Puppy by Douglas
DG-3841   Wizard the Little Plush Snowy Owl by Douglas
WR-89673   Wolf Plush Animal Hat By Wild Republic
AR-06812   Wolfgang the Plush Wolf Stage Puppet By Aurora
DG-2037   Wolfgang the Stuffed German Shorthaired Pointer by Douglas
AR-31172   Woolsey the Stuffed Wolf by Aurora
AR-02426   Wuff the 10 Inch Wuff and Friends Plush Sheepdog by Aurora
AR-29056   Wuskee the YooHoo and Friends Plush Husky Clip-On by Aurora
AR-03080   Xie-Xie the Jumbo Stuffed Panda Super Flopsie by Aurora
BB-1584   Yellow Teddy Bear 6 Inch Rainbow Bear by First and Main
DG-1897   Yettie the Stuffed Yorkie by Douglas
DG-4087   Yonkers the Little Plush Yorkshire Terrier by Douglas
AR-10786   YooHoo And Friends 5 Inch Plush Pink Gorilla By Aurora
AR-29037   YooHoo and Friends Baldee the 5 Inch Plush Bald Eagle by Aurora
AR-29029   YooHoo and Friends Bumblee the 5 Inch Plush Bumblebee by Aurora
AR-29032   YooHoo and Friends Charlee the 5 Inch Plush Caterpillar by Aurora
AR-29038   YooHoo and Friends Chatee the 5 Inch Plush Otter by Aurora
AR-10768   YooHoo And Friends Doc The 5 Inch Plush Bearded Monkey By Aurora
AR-29066   YooHoo and Friends Fuchsia the 5 Inch Plush Pink Pegasus by Aurora
AR-29010   YooHoo and Friends Jinxee the 5 Inch Plush Tiger by Aurora
AR-30623   YooHoo and Friends Josie the 5 Inch Plush Tarsier by Aurora
AR-29028   YooHoo and Friends Jumpee the 5 Inch Plush Frog by Aurora
AR-29039   YooHoo and Friends Kolee the 5 Inch Plush Koala by Aurora
AR-29008   YooHoo and Friends Kookee the 5 Inch Plush Penguin by Aurora
AR-29005   YooHoo and Friends Lemmee the 5 Inch Plush Lemur by Aurora
AR-29067   YooHoo and Friends Lilac the 5 Inch Plush Purple Pegasus by Aurora
AR-29031   YooHoo and Friends Luckee the 5 Inch Plush Ladybug by Aurora
AR-10764   YooHoo And Friends Marias The 5 Inch Plush Raccoon By Aurora
AR-10766   YooHoo And Friends Muhon The 5 Inch Plush White Tiger By Aurora
AR-30620   YooHoo and Friends Pammee the 5 Inch Plush Fennec Fox by Aurora
AR-29040   YooHoo and Friends Pidwee the 5 Inch Plush Snowy Owl by Aurora
AR-29024   YooHoo and Friends Rexee the 5 Inch Plush T-Rex by Aurora
AR-10763   YooHoo And Friends Rikki The 5 Inch Plush Mongoose By Aurora
AR-29004   YooHoo and Friends Ring Ring the 5 Inch Plush Panda by Aurora
AR-30624   YooHoo and Friends Roodee the 5 Inch Plush Capuchin by Aurora
AR-10765   YooHoo And Friends Rosette The 5 Inch Plush Leopard By Aurora
AR-29014   YooHoo and Friends Shelbee the 5 Inch Plush Turtle by Aurora
AR-29015   YooHoo and Friends Shellee the 5 Inch Pink Plush Turtle by Aurora
AR-29013   YooHoo and Friends Shimeree the 5 Inch Pink Plush Otter by Aurora
AR-29068   YooHoo and Friends Sky the 5 Inch Plush Unicorn by Aurora
AR-29007   YooHoo and Friends Smilee the 5 Inch Plush Alligator by Aurora
AR-30622   YooHoo and Friends Sparkee the 5 Inch Plush Skunk by Aurora
AR-29022   YooHoo and Friends Speedee the 5 Inch Plush Sloth by Aurora
AR-29034   YooHoo and Friends Spidee the 5 Inch Plush Spider by Aurora
AR-29027   YooHoo and Friends Springee the 5 Inch Plush Pink Frog by Aurora
AR-29025   YooHoo and Friends Stegee the 5 Inch Plush Stegosaurus by Aurora
AR-29011   YooHoo and Friends Stripee the 5 Inch Plush Zebra by Aurora
AR-30628   YooHoo And Friends Sunny the Plush Golden Lion Tamarin by Aurora
AR-29006   YooHoo and Friends Tinee the 5 Inch Plush Elephant by Aurora
AR-29023   YooHoo and Friends Toothee the Plush Saber Tooth Tiger by Aurora
AR-29009   YooHoo and Friends Topsee the 5 Inch Plush Giraffe by Aurora
AR-29033   YooHoo and Friends Twirlee the 5 Inch Plush Snail by Aurora
AR-29030   YooHoo and Friends Wispee the 5 Inch Plush Butterfly by Aurora
AR-29021   YooHoo and Friends Woolee the 5 Inch Plush Mammoth by Aurora
AR-09747   YooHoo and Friends Wuskee the 5 Inch Plush Husky Dog by Aurora
AR-31412   Yorky the Stuffed Yorkshire Terrier Flopsie by Aurora
GU-4043808   You Are Loved Teddy Bear with Embroidered Purple Shirt by Gund
AR-31609   Yukon the Jumbo Stuffed Husky Super Flopsie by Aurora
DG-1728   Zach the Standing Stuffed Yellow Lab by Douglas
DG-3996c   Zach the Stuffed Yellow Lab with Winter Scarf by Douglas
GU-4044071   Zag the Zebra Striped Teddy Bear by Gund
AR-31289   Zany The Stuffed Zebra Plush Animal Mini Flopsie By Aurora
DG-1576   Zeb the Little Plush Longhorn by Douglas
FK-2565   Zebra Stage Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets
DG-2106   Zebra Striped Pet Purse with Stuffed Westie by Douglas
AR-06284   Zenith the Stuffed Giraffe by Aurora
AR-31459   Zest The Stuffed Zebra By Aurora
FA-A39405   Zeus the Big Eyes Zebra Stuffed Animal by Fiesta
FA-A35278   Ziggy the Plush Zebra Lil' Buddies by Fiesta
DG-1866   Zipper the Plush Gray Tabby Cat by Douglas
BB-2733   Zippy the Baby Safe Plush Blue Zebra by First and Main
BB-2723   Zippy the Baby Safe Plush Pink Zebra by First and Main
DG-341   Zoe the Big Bay Horse Stuffed Animal by Douglas
DG-4281   Zoie the Stuffed Zebra in a Tutu by Douglas
GU-4046293   Zola the Fuzzy Striped Zebra Stuffed Animal by Gund
GU-4044126   Zooter the Owl Stuffed Animal by Gund
GU-4046319   Zora the Zebra Stuffed Animal with Pink Mane by Gund
BB-6073   Zuri the Sparkly Pink Stuffed Zebra Gal Pal by First and Main

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