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Do You Zoobie?


Looking for the perfect companion for your little zookeeper?  Then check out the latest line of award winning Zoobie Pets!  Each Zoobie Pet is a stuffed animal and so much more!  On the belly of each Zoobie Pet are child friendly Velcro pads - unhook them to turn your Zoobie into a pillow.  But wait - a quick zip of the zipper on the bottom of your Zoobie Pet opens it up to reveal a 33 inch by 55 inch detachable super soft fleece blanket!  
    Perfect for lounging around the house or that long car trip, Zoobie Pets are easy to use and are machine washable.  17 different zoo, safari, and limited edition Zoobie Pets are available - each bearing its own Zoobies ear tag and neck collar. 


Watch the video here to see Zoobie Pets in action!