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The Heirloom House, Toys - Retail, Springfield, IL
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Taddle Toes Stuffed Animals by Aurora

You'll get a real kick out of Taddle Toes stuffed animals by Aurora! This fantastic line of plush features more than thirty different animals with oversized feet and adorably round heads and bodies. Aurora's Taddle Toes stuffed animals are uniquely designed characters that are beaming with personality. The bottoms of their big feet are made to match the type of animal, with paw prints, divided toes, hooves, and even horseshoes on Trots the Horse. Their round midsections give them nice and sturdy bases to keep them in sitting positions with their feet front and center. It's all about the big feet with these stuffed animals! There's a Taddle Toes animal for everyone, even some with embroidered features for babies! You're never to young to get your first Taddle Toes stuffed animal! From farm animals to dinosaurs, teddy bears to elephants, Taddle Toes cover the spectrum of popular stuffed animals. Their big feet make great handles for carrying them around and they really don't mind one bit. They also have short little arms to carry them by, just in case your hands are too small to grab onto their big feet! It doesn't matter to a Taddle Toes stuffed animal how it gets where it is going, as long as it is going with you! Scroll down to see all of these big-footed stuffed animals and take your pick. You might need to choose several though because picking one favorite Taddle Toes stuffed animal is no small feat!
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Domino the Taddle Toes Panda Bear Stuffed Animal by Aurora Taps the Taddle Toes Penguin Chick Stuffed Animal by Aurora Winks the Taddle Toes Owl Stuffed Animal by Aurora
Safari the Taddle Toes Giraffe Stuffed Animal by Aurora Stomper the Taddle Toes Elephant Stuffed Animal by Aurora Trots the Taddle Toes Horse Stuffed Animal by Aurora
Babble the Taddle Toes Sheepdog Stuffed Animal by Aurora Frothy the Taddle Toes Kitten Stuffed Animal by Aurora Snorkle the Taddle Toes Turtle Stuffed Animal by Aurora
Chubby the Taddle Toes Brown Bear Stuffed Animal by Aurora Snortster the Taddle Toes Pig Stuffed Animal by Aurora Milkshake the Taddle Toes Cow Stuffed Animal by Aurora
Chit Chat the Taddle Toes Otter Stuffed Animal by Aurora Trooper the Taddle Toes Tiger Stuffed Animal by Aurora Hoppity the Taddle Toes Bunny Stuffed Animal by Aurora
Baabsy the Taddle Toes Lamb Stuffed Animal by Aurora Croakster the Taddle Toes Frog Stuffed Animal by Aurora Flapper the Taddle Toes Duck Stuffed Animal by Aurora
Angie the Taddle Toes Pink Baby Safe Teddy Bear by Aurora Phil the Taddle Toes Blue Baby Safe Teddy Bear by Aurora Taddi the Taddle Toes Blue Baby Safe Plush Elephant by Aurora
Toesie the Taddle Toes Pink Baby Safe Plush Elephant by Aurora Bullet the Taddle Toes Stuffed Cheetah by Aurora Chuchee the Taddle Toes Stuffed Chimp by Aurora
Trickster the Taddle Toes Stuffed Fox by Aurora Hummer the Taddle Toes Stuffed Snowy Owl by Aurora Sassafras the Taddle Toes Stuffed Sloth by Aurora
Racer the Taddle Toes Stuffed Raccoon by Aurora Roaree the Taddle Toes Stuffed T-Rex by Aurora Bruno the Taddle Toes Stuffed Brontosaurus by Aurora
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