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The Heirloom House, Toys - Retail, Springfield, IL
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Stuffed Raccoons and Plush Raccoons

Don't mind the knocked over trash cans, there's tons of raccoon stuffed animals here and they tend to do that. At least we think it's the stuffed raccoons and plush raccoons. We can never identify the culprits because they're always wearing masks! Raccoons most important sense is their sense of touch so you know that a stuffed raccoon is going to love cuddly and snuggling. Raccoons also hear very well, they can hear worms moving around underground, so if you need to talk then a stuffed raccoon is the perfect plush animal for you. Being nocturnal, our plush raccoons will be more than happy to stay up all night listening to your wildest dreams or most secret secrets. These raccoon stuffed animals can be trusted with anything. Well, maybe not the trash cans. The jury is still out on that one!
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Small of the Wild Clip On Stuffed Raccoon by Wildlife Artists Ringo the Stuffed Raccoon by Aurora YooHoo And Friends Marias the Stuffed Purple Raccoon by Aurora
Wobbly Bobblees Raccoon Stuffed Animal by Aurora Raccoon Finger Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets Stuffed Raccoon Conservation Critter by Wildlife Artists
Patch the Little Plush Raccoon by Douglas Stuffed Raccoon Mini Cuddlekin by Wild Republic Small Stuffed Raccoon by SOS
Plush Raccoon 7 Inch Wild Watcher By Wild Republic Rachelle the Sparkly Pink Stuffed Raccoon Gal Pal by First and Main Floppy Friends Raccoon Stuffed Animal by First and Main
Ranger the Sitting Plush Raccoon by Douglas Bandit the Plush Raccoon by Aurora Little Raccoon Hand Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets
Rowdy the Dreamy Eyes Raccoon Stuffed Animal by Aurora Switch-A-Rooz Reversible Plush Raccoon and Skunk by Wild Republic Bandit the Plush Raccoon Full Body Puppet By Aurora
Rocky the Sweet and Softer Raccoon Stuffed Animal by Aurora Plush Raccoon 12 Inch Stuffed Animal Cuddlekin By Wild Republic Raccoon Stuffed Animal by SOS
Racer the Taddle Toes Stuffed Raccoon by Aurora Plush Raccoon 12 Inch Conservation Critter by Wildlife Artists Realistic Stuffed Raccoon 10 Inch Plush Animal by Aurora
Purple Stuffed Raccoon Sweet and Sassy Plush Animal by Wild Republic Full Body Baby Raccoon Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets Pop Up Plush Raccoon Hand Puppet by Aurora
Mischief the Tushies Raccoon Stuffed Animal by Aurora Tracker the Raccoon Stuffed Animal by Douglas Bonita the Softly Stuffed Raccoon Pudgie by Douglas
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