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The Heirloom House, Toys - Retail, Springfield, IL
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Stuffed Poodles and Plush Poodles

At Stuffed Safari we have oodles and oodles of stuffed and plush poodles. We offer black stuffed poodles, white stuffed poodles, pink stuffed poodles, plush poodles with fancy bows on their ears, and even a plush poodle puppet. If you are looking for a realistic plush poodle then check out the eight inch and eleven inch stuffed poodles by Aurora. The Stuffed Lollipop Poodle by Mary Meyer and Princess the Plush Poodle by Aurora are both super soft making them ideal for cuddling. We realize that there are many different reasons for buying a stuffed poodle or plush poodle so we offer a variety of sizes and styles that we feel will suit as many needs as possible. If you use your noodle you're sure to find the perfect poodle stuffed animal!
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Petite the Stuffed Purple-eared Poodle Mini Flopsie by Aurora Petite the Stuffed Pink-eared Poodle Mini Flopsie by Aurora Cotton Candy the Lil Sweet and Sassy Stuffed Poodle by Wild Republic
Playful the Little Plush Tricolor Labradoodle by Douglas Bosco the Little Plush Chocolate Labradoodle by Douglas Polly the Sparkly Pink Stuffed Poodle Gal Pal by First and Main
Fancy Pals Plush Pink Pet Carrier with Plush Poodle by Aurora Diamond the Stuffed White Poodle Flopsie by Aurora Fancy the Plush Pink Poodle Full Body Puppet By Aurora
Willow the Wuff and Friends Plush Poodle by Aurora Pink Stuffed Poodle Sweet and Sassy Plush Animal by Wild Republic Popsicle the Colorful Stuffed Pink Poodle Bright Fancies by Aurora
Nayla the Stuffed Cockapoo Designer Pup by Gund Karina the Stuffed Labradoodle Designer Pup by Gund Cedar the Plush Chocolate Labradoodle Puppy by Douglas
Spumoni the Plush Tricolor Labradoodle Puppy by Douglas Jester the Plush Bernedoodle Puppy by Douglas
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