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The Heirloom House, Toys - Retail, Springfield, IL
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Stuffed Plush Elephants

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From giant cuddly stuffed elephants to plush elephants small enough to fit in your pocket, Stuffed Safari has what you're looking for in elephants! There are dozens of styles of plush elephants in this category, including realistic stuffed elephants, baby safe stuffed elephants, elephant puppets, and even eco friendly plush elephants!  Scroll down to see our entire collection, and click on each photo for more information on the product. Can't decide which stuffed elephant you like best? Give us a call...we are always happy to assist in choosing the perfect item for your needs!

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Eric the Plush Elephant Dreamy Eyes Laying Stuffed Animal by Aurora Small of the Wild Clip On Stuffed Elephant by Wildlife Artists Tinee the YooHoo and Friends Plush Elephant Clip-On by Aurora
Ellie the Plush Elephant Mini Flopsie By Aurora Hanging Stuffed Elephant with Velcro Hands by Fiesta Ellie the Stuffed Pink Elephant Mini Flopsie by Aurora
Ellie the Stuffed Purple Elephant Mini Flopsie by Aurora Stuffed Elephant 5 Inch Itsy Bitsy Plush Animal by Wild Republic Blueberry the Lil Sweet and Sassy Plush Blue Elephant by Wild Republic
Elsie the Plush Elephant Lil Buddies by Fiesta YooHoo and Friends Tinee the Stuffed Elephant by Aurora Wobbly Bobblees Elephant Stuffed Animal by Aurora
Elle the Wobbly Bobblees Pink Elephant Stuffed Animal by Aurora Stuffed Elephant Conservation Critter by Wildlife Artists Small Stuffed Baby Elephant by SOS
Realistic Stuffed Elephant 8 Inch Plush Animal By Aurora Stuffed Elephant Mini Cuddlekin by Wild Republic Stuffed Asian Elephant Mini Cuddlekin by Wild Republic
Stuffed Elephant with an Earache Get Well Buddy by Wild Republic Plush Elephant 7 Inch Wild Watcher By Wild Republic Tusk the Plush Elephant Stage Puppet by Aurora
Kelli the Baby Safe Plush Pink Elephant by First and Main Justin the Baby Safe Plush Blue Elephant by First and Main Ella the Sparkly Green Stuffed Elephant Gal Pal by First and Main
Floppy Friends Elephant Stuffed Animal by First and Main Comfies Elephant Stuffed Animal by Fiesta Maude the Little Plush Baby Elephant by Douglas
Peanut the Stuffed Elephant by Aurora Stuffed Elephant 12 Inch Tubbie Wubbie by Aurora Little Elephant Hand Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets
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