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The Heirloom House, Toys - Retail, Springfield, IL
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Stuffed Octopuses and Plush Octopuses

A stuffed plush octopus is perfect for those times when two legs, or even four legs, just aren't enough! Each stuffed octopus we carry is a finely crafted stuffed animal and is sure to be a great addition to any stuffed aquatic animal lover's collection. Our plush octopuses have four times the hugging ability of a stuffed monkey and twice the tap dancing ability of a plush elephant. That's not to say that our stuffed monkeys and elephants aren't great too, but in some instances a stuffed plush octopus just has a few legs up on the competition. We carry a great variety of plush octopuses so we're sure to have the perfect octopus to please you. If you're looking for a small stuffed octopus, check out Curly Jr. the eight inch stuffed snuggle up octopus or our stuffed octopus plush Conservation Critter by Wildlife Artists. They're adorable! Not big enough for ya, huh? Well then, how about our giant octopus stuffed animal by Fiesta? It's huge and also very realistic. If you need a little assistance in making your decision, we're always here to help. Just call 866-534-6604 and we'll do our best to help you choose a 'gr-eight' stuffed octopus!
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YooHoo and Friends Olee the Stuffed Purple Octopus by Aurora YooHoo and Friends Olee the Stuffed Pink Octopus by Aurora Stuffed Octopus Conservation Critter by Wildlife Artists
Sleepy Seas Baby Safe Plush Pink Octopus Rattle by Gund Stuffed Octopus Mini Cuddlekin by Wild Republic Dreamy the Little Plush Octopus by Douglas
Oliver the Purple Octopus Stuffed Animal by Aurora Plush Octopus 12 Inch Stuffed Animal Cuddlekin By Wild Republic Otto the Goofy Eyed Octopus Puppet by Aurora
Krakers the Taddle Toes Stuffed Octopus by Aurora Plush Octopus 14 Inch Conservation Critter by Wildlife Artists Pink Stuffed Octopus Sweet and Sassy Plush Animal by Wild Republic
Sleepy Seas Baby Safe Plush Pink Octopus by Gund Realistic Red Octopus Stuffed Animal by Fiesta Big 21 Inch Stuffed Octopus by Wildlife Artists
Full Body Octopus Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets Jumbo Realistic Giant Pacific Octopus Stuffed Animal by Fiesta Jumbo Realistic Red Octopus Stuffed Animal by Fiesta
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