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The Heirloom House, Toys - Retail, Springfield, IL
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Stuffed Ocelots, Stuffed Lynx, and Stuffed Servals

What do stuffed ocelots, stuffed lynx, and stuffed servals all have in common? Give up? The answer is very little! These wild cat stuffed animals are the ones that make up for their lack of size with an abundance of awesome. Just to be clear, the ocelot, lynx, and serval stuffed animals aren't small, we have lots of sizes available, but the real ones are the smaller members of the wild cat family. We put them all in one handy category to make things a little more convenient, a small price to pay to showcase our wonderful plush ocelots, plush lynx, and plush servals. There's lots of ocelot stuffed animals to choose from, Salvidor Dali would be proud. He kept a real ocelot as a pet. Talk about painting an interesting picture! The lynx stuffed animals come in several different styles and are a direct link to happiness. As for the serval stuffed animals, well, they serve up good times for all. These small stuffed wild cats are sure to produce big fun. Scroll down and have a little look at these great stuffed animals and remember, bigger doesn't always mean better!
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Small Stuffed Serval Cub by SOS Stuffed Ocelot Cub Conservation Critter by Wildlife Artists Realistic 9 Inch Plush Lynx Cub by SOS
Realistic 9 Inch Plush Serval Cub by SOS Stuffed Lynx 12 Inch Cuddlekin by Wild Republic Plush Lynx 13 Inch Conservation Critter by Wildlife Artists
Plush Ocelot 14 Inch Conservation Critter by Wildlife Artists Realistic 10 Inch Plush Ocelot Cub by SOS Realistic 10 Inch Stuffed Caracal by SOS
Realistic Lynx Stuffed Animal by SOS Realistic Serval Stuffed Animal by SOS Stuffed Ocelot Cub 14 Inch Trendy Plush Animal by Wildlife Artists
Handcrafted 28 Inch Life-size Lynx Stuffed Animal by Hansa
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