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Stuffed Lobsters and Plush Lobsters

Before looking any further please make sure that you are here for a stuffed plush lobster and not a tasty recipe for stuffed lobster. Our stuffed lobsters are amazing but it is pretty unlikely that they would taste very good. A plush lobster just doesn't make a pleasant meal, no matter how good your recipe may be! Now, if you're looking for a cute stuffed animal to be a cuddle buddy we can surely help you out. Our stuffed plush lobsters come in many sizes, from eight inches all the way up to the impressive thirty-one inch giant stuffed lobster made by Mary Meyer. You'll need a really big pot to, wait a minute, we already made it clear that these plush lobsters are not for dinner! Scroll down to look at all of our inedible stuffed plush lobsters and we bet you'll find a wonderful stuffed lobster that suits your taste!
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