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The Heirloom House, Toys - Retail, Springfield, IL
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Stuffed Hippos and Plush Hippos
Who's hungry for some hippo stuffed animals? Great news, our stuffed hippos and plush hippos are hungry for some humans too! Where are you going? Don't run away. Our hippo stuffed animals are just hungry for new friends, not lunch. These stuffed hippopotamus wouldn't harm a fly. They're too cuddly and cute for that. Besides, when is the last time you heard of any stuffed animal eating a person? Never, not once? Exactly. Plush hippos are just big softies that make great pals and make even better human sandwiches. No, scratch that. They don't make sandwiches out of people. That would be crazy. Hippo stuffed animals don't even like bread. Do you know what they do like? Break dancing. Stuffed hippos love to play some hip hop on an old boom box and boogie down. You haven't lived until you've seen a plush hippo doing a headspin! Now that your head is spinning in anticipation of picking out a fun stuffed hippo you should stop reading and have a look at all of the hippopotamus stuffed animals that we have to offer. Click on the pictures to learn more fun and interesting things about each stuffed hippo and, whatever you do, don't challenge them to a dance contest unless you're a pro. They're way too good at getting down!
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Little Howard the Stuffed Hippo Mini Flopsie by Aurora Grape the Lil Sweet and Sassy Stuffed Purple Hippo by Wild Republic Small Plush Hippo Lil Buddies by Fiesta
Harry the Plush Hippo Lil Buddies by Fiesta Happy the Wobbly Bobblees Purple Hippo Stuffed Animal by Aurora Wobbly Bobblees Hippopotamus Stuffed Animal by Aurora
Small Stuffed Baby Hippo by SOS Sweet and Sassy 8 Inch Purple Stuffed Hippo by Wild Republic Comfies Hippo Stuffed Animal by Fiesta
Stuffed Hippopotamus 12 Inch Tubbie Wubbie by Aurora Baby Noahs Ark Plush Hippo with Embroidered Features by Aurora Switch-A-Rooz Reversible Plush Pink Hippo and Purple Hippo by Wild Republic
Realistic 9 Inch Plush Baby Hippopotamus by SOS Small Hunk of Love the Purple Hippo Stuffed Animal by Aurora Lulu the Stuffed Hippo in a Tutu by Douglas
Pink Stuffed Hippo Sweet and Sassy Plush Animal by Wild Republic Girlz Nation Purple Stuffed Hippo by Aurora Girlz Nation Pink Stuffed Hippo by Aurora
Stuffed Hippopotamus 14 Inch Realistic Plush Animal By Fiesta Bean Bag Hippo Stuffed Animal by Fiesta Pucker Up Plush Pink Hippo with Smooch Sound by Aurora
Large Lying Hippo Stuffed Animal by Fiesta Hunk of Love the Purple Hippo Stuffed Animal by Aurora Large Sitting Stuffed Hippo by Fiesta
Large Hunk of Love the Purple Hippo Stuffed Animal by Aurora Realistic Hippopotamus Stuffed Animal by SOS Comfies Large Hippo Stuffed Animal by Fiesta
Standing Stuffed Hippo with Baby by Fiesta Lifelike 19 Inch Large Plush Hippo by SOS Handcrafted 18 Inch Lifelike Hippopotamus Stuffed Animal by Hansa
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