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The Heirloom House, Toys - Retail, Springfield, IL
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Stuffed Boxers and Plush Boxers

And in this's the stuffed boxers and plush boxers from! These boxer stuffed animals have been working hard in the gym to perfect their cuddling skills and are ready to step into the ring and get down to business. Wait, when you saw stuffed boxers you didn't think you were going to see a plush Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson did you? You won't find those at Our stuffed boxers are of the canine kind. We don't have a lot of boxer stuffed animals but the ones we do have are truly amazing. There's the eight inch Bremen and his twelve inch counterpart, Bud, along with two different sizes of realistic plush boxers from the Aurora Miyoni line of stuffed animals. These boxers are no slouches when it comes to cuteness, but they like to think that they look pretty tough too. Boxers are a brave, strong, and stocky breed of dogs and our boxer stuffed animals try their very best to represent those qualities. No proud stuffed boxer wants to be thought of as a softie but they really do know how to snuggle when it counts. You can't be a tough guy all of the time and there's nothing wrong with that, especially when you are a boxer stuffed animal!
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YooHoo and Friends Topsee the Stuffed Purple Giraffe by Aurora Realistic Stuffed Boxer 8 Inch Plush Dog by Aurora Bud the Stuffed Boxer by Aurora
Realistic Stuffed Boxer 11 Inch Plush Dog By Aurora Bruschi the Plush Boxer Puppy by Douglas
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