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The Heirloom House, Toys - Retail, Springfield, IL
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Stuffed Bald Eagles and Plush Bald Eagles

Fly like an eagle to the sea of Bald Eagle stuffed animals! These stuffed Bald Eagles and plush Bald Eagles are proud to represent the United States as it's official national bird. More importantly, they're ready to spread their wings and fly to your home. Normally a Bald Eagle makes a huge nest but these stuffed Bald Eagles are perfectly happy nesting right in your bed, or on a shelf, or even the floor. Plush Bald Eagles just aren't picky when it comes to nesting as long as their owner loves them. A Bald Eagle stuffed animal can be a great way to show school spirit unless your school mascot isn't a Bald Eagle. In that case you probably need to look at some of our other stuffed animals to show your school support. Some of our plush Bald Eagles are posed perfectly for displaying, like the giant forty-eight inch stuffed Bald Eagle by Fiesta or the realistic plush Bald Eagles by SOS. They are wonderful looking stuffed animals that make great conversation pieces. Whatever you intend to do with your new stuffed bald eagle we're sure to have one just for you!
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Liberty the Stuffed Bald Eagle by Aurora Plush Bald Eagle Audubon Bird With Sound By Wild Republic YooHoo and Friends Baldee the Stuffed Bald Eagle by Aurora
Bald Eagle Finger Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets Stuffed Bald Eagle Conservation Critter by Wildlife Artists Stuffed Bald Eagle Mini Cuddlekin by Wild Republic
Small Stuffed Bald Eagle by SOS Little Bald Eagle Hand Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets Realistic 9 Inch Plush Baby Bald Eagle by SOS
Plush Bald Eagle 12 Inch Stuffed Bird Cuddlekin By Wild Republic Plush Bald Eagle 9 Inch Stuffed Bird by Fiesta Bald Eagle Stuffed Animal by SOS
Destination Nation Bald Eagle Stuffed Animal by Aurora Stripes the Taddle Toes Stuffed Bald Eagle by Aurora Plush Bald Eagle 14 Inch Conservation Critter by Wildlife Artists
Regal the 10 Inch Plush Bald Eagle by Aurora Large Standing Stuffed Bald Eagle by Fiesta Adler the Stuffed Bald Eagle by Douglas
Lifelike 14 Inch Large Plush Bald Eagle by SOS Handcrafted 9 Inch Perched Lifelike Stuffed Bald Eagle by Hansa Full Body Perched Bald Eagle Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets
Handcrafted 27 Inch Lifelike Bald Eagle Stuffed Animal by Hansa Jumbo Stuffed Eagle with Bendable Wings by Fiesta Handcrafted 46 Inch Life-size Bald Eagle Stuffed Animal by Hansa
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