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Snakesss Stuffed Animals

Snakesss stuffed animals by Wild Republic aren't your average cute and cuddly plush animals. These awesome stuffed snakes come in many different breeds and also in some really wild and unique color patterns. Let's start with the Wild Republic Snakesss that can be found in nature first. There are all kinds of your favorite snakes available. It's safe to assume that you have favorite snakes right? That, or you know someone who does, otherwise what are you doing here? Anyway, Snakesss stuffed animals come in all of the coolest breeds like anacondas, pythons, boas, and rattlesnakes. There's even a rubber California Kingsnake just for fun! It's one of the few non-plush items that we carry at Most of the breeds are available in both 54 and 70 inch sizes so you can decide just how much stuffed snake you need. The 54 inch Snakesss by Wild Republic include the unique and wildly designed snakes that were created in 2012. Camouflage, pink butterflies, blue hearts, and other trendy and fun designs cover these awesome Snakesss and allow you to have the snake that best represents you. How about a purple rock and roll snake? Now that's stylish! Wild Republic Snakesss are made with short plush and soft stuffing so even though they might look scary and tough, when you curl them up they are really nice and snuggly. Just don't tell them that, they have a reputation to uphold. They are Snakesss after all!
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