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Mini Wild Watchers Stuffed Animals

Here's looking at you kid! And you. And you. Mini Wild Watchers stuffed animals by Wild Republic have large eyes that seem to look at you from every direction. Their bodies are loosely stuffed and their plush material is short and soft so that they are nice and cuddly. These five inch plush animals can fit right in your pocket so that you always have a little buddy to watch over you. Their big, round eyes give them cartoonish and lighthearted personalities that will make you smile every time you look at them. They are just that cute! There are eighteen Mini Wild Watcher stuffed animals to choose from which makes it easy to collect them all for maximum fun. You just can't have too many of these adorable stuffed animals. Besides, you never know what fun adventure your day might bring so it's good to have plenty of options available when you are selecting the Mini Wild Watcher that will be your sidekick. Some days you might need two or three or even four sidekicks. Who better to call on when you need a few extra sets of eyes? Mini Wild Watchers always keep their eyes on the prize and they know that there are always good times to be had if you just keep looking!