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The Heirloom House, Toys - Retail, Springfield, IL
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Fiesta Stuffed Animals

For over 35 years, Fiesta Toy has been one of the world leaders and innovators in stuffed animals and plush toys. Their wide assortment of traditional and more unique stuffed animals encourages creativity and imaginative play with children, as well as providing a way for our children to share in the magic of the animal kingdom with which we share our planet.

Fiesta's line of plush animals range from traditional teddy bears, plush dogs and plush cats, to the more unusual members of the animal kingdom - anteaters, emus, ferrets, porcupines, moles, and flying squirrels, just to name a few. A unique assortment of plush sea animals, such as sawfish, manatees, humpback whales, rays, and octopus provides stuffed animal fans with choices from oceans around the world. Life size stuffed animals, ride on stuffed animals, and rocking animals are also part of the Fiesta plush line, as well as Tales 4 Tomorrow, a new line of eco-friendly stuffed animals.

As one of the largest plush toy manufacturers in the world, Fiesta cares about the quality of their product and your satisfaction with it. Their entire product line is subjected to rigorous testing to assure that all items meet CPSIA standards for safety, and all products are made of high quality, kid safe non-toxic new materials.

Stuffed Safari is proud to carry a large line of Fiesta stuffed animals, and we think you will enjoy them too. If you already own an Fiesta plush animal, you are familiar with how wonderful their toys are. If you haven't owned one of their products before, we invite you to browse their product line below!

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Hanging Stuffed Panda with Velcro Hands by Fiesta Hanging Stuffed Elephant with Velcro Hands by Fiesta Hanging Stuffed Tiger with Velcro Hands by Fiesta
Hanging Stuffed Giraffe with Velcro Hands by Fiesta Stuffed Orca 9 Inch Plush Killer Whale by Fiesta Stuffed Manatee 9 Inch Plush Animal by Fiesta
Stuffed Blue Stingray 14 Inch Plush Animal by Fiesta Stuffed Shark 9 Inch Plush Animal by Fiesta Polo the Plush Polar Bear Lil Buddies by Fiesta
Baxter the Plush Black Bear Lil Buddies by Fiesta Cocoa the Plush Cow Lil Buddies by Fiesta Marley the Plush Monkey Lil Buddies by Fiesta
Harry the Plush Hippo Lil Buddies by Fiesta Percy the Plush Penguin Lil Buddies by Fiesta Wendy the Plush Wolf Lil Buddies by Fiesta
Lennox the Plush Leopard Lil Buddies by Fiesta Ziggy the Plush Zebra Lil Buddies by Fiesta Sophie the Plush Snow Leopard Lil Buddies by Fiesta
Penny the Plush Panda Lil Buddies by Fiesta Elsie the Plush Elephant Lil Buddies by Fiesta Ozzie the Plush Otter Lil Buddies by Fiesta
Tina the Plush Tiger Lil Buddies by Fiesta Melly the Plush Moose Lil Buddies by Fiesta Whinnie the Plush White Tiger Lil Buddies by Fiesta
Gregory the Plush Giraffe Lil Buddies by Fiesta Leon the Plush Lion Lil Buddies by Fiesta Olive the Plush Orca Lil Buddies by Fiesta
Timmy the Plush Turtle Lil Buddies by Fiesta Ady the Plush Alligator Lil Buddies by Fiesta Daphne the Plush Dolphin Lil Buddies by Fiesta
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